Office and staff


Please address all applications and other correspondence to The Principal Clerk at the Court’s headquarters:

The Scottish Land Court
George House
126 George Street

DX ED 259
LP 14 Edinburgh 2

Tel:   0131 271 4360
Fax:   0131 271 4399
Email:   SLCourtMailbox [at] scotcourtstribunals [dot] gov [dot] uk

You may also contact the Court by filling in the online enquiry form on this web site.

Office hours and location

Map of central Edinburgh showing location of George House

The Court office is normally open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The office is situated in Central Edinburgh, a few minutes walk from both Waverley and Haymarket railway stations. The location is shown on the map on this page.

Key staff

The Court has an administrative staff headed by the Principal Clerk, Barbara Brown, who is a solicitor.

Email:   BBrown2 [at] scotcourtstribunals [dot] gov [dot] uk

If you would like to meet someone on the Court’s staff to discuss your case, please make an appointment.