Plain Guide to Litigation: Introduction

More “How to do it” stuff – the Rules

The formal procedure of any court is governed by a series of rules. They tell parties what they are expected to do and what they can expect the court and the court staff to do in the normal case. They set out the powers the court has to conduct the case. Although a party litigant in the Land Court should be able to manage quite well without detailed knowledge of the Rules, it may make sense to have a look at them to see if any provisions are of particular help. These Rules can be looked up, or a copy downloaded, from our website at Note that new Rules are being prepared but it may be some time before they are introduced.

It is important to stress that, although some of this Guide may appear to take the form of instructions as to what is best practice, it is not intended to replace the actual Rules of procedure. This guidance is aimed at helping understanding not at giving a description of the rules of law or procedure.

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